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Debt Leads are in high demand do to many financial related professionals getting into the industry along with the growth of companies currently in the debt settlement business.

Our debt leads are generated in house and are all backed by our debt lead guarantee. That guarantee assures you never pay for a bad debt lead. Debt leads are generated via our consumer websites by driving unique traffic via search and email marketing.

I know you want to hear about debt lead pricing. The number one thing that most of our clients jump right to, but there is a lot behind debt lead pricing. The problem with most transactions between debt lead buyers and sellers is that sellers are too quick to drop right down to the “better pricing” that you want. When in reality it only forces the debt lead seller to lie to you. What do we mean lie to you?

Like we said there is a lot behind pricing. A real debt lead aggregator can not generate a quality debt lead below a certain price point. Dropping prices to make deals happen forces the seller to take their advertised “sold 3 times” debt lead and sell it four or even five times. They have to make their money somehow, do you really think they are happy with a $5 dollar profit per debt lead. I don’t think so.

A good debt lead is getting harder and harder to generate. Of course we can flood the gates with leads of consumers over $10,000 in debt. The trick is getting qualified leads that are truly interested in debt relief. This is achieved by presenting the right marketing message to someone researching or searching for debt relief online. We have his part down pat, to find out more just call or email us.

The debt settlement industry is growing right along with consumer spending. Consumer credit card use and credit card debt is at an all time high. Job loss, divorce, medical issues and failed businesses are all common reasons consumers find themselves in debt. Below are some interesting credit card facts found on the website

* In the last 12 months, 15 percent of American adults, or nearly 34 million people, have been late making a credit card payment and 8 percent (18 million people) have missed a payment entirely. (Source: National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 2009 Financial Literacy Survey, April 2009)

* 26 percent of Americans, or more than 58 million adults, admit to not paying all of their bills on time. Among African-Americans, this number is at 51 percent. (Source: National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 2009 Financial Literacy Survey, April 2009)

* Penalty fees from credit cards will add up to about $20.5 billion in 2009, according to R. K. Hammer, a consultant to the credit card industry. (Source: New York Times, September 2009)

* Only eight percent of cards with penalty rate conditions offered to restore the original rate terms when payments are made on-time, usually after 12 months. (Source: Pew Safe Credit Cards Project, March 2009)

* 72 percent of cards included offers of low promotional rates which issuers could revoke after a single late payment. (Source: Pew Safe Credit Cards Project, March 2009)

* From 1989 to 2004, the percentage of cardholders incurring fees due to late payments of 60 days or more increased from 4.8 percent to 8.0 percent. (Source:, “Borrowing To Make Ends Meet,” November 2007)

* One-fourth of the students surveyed in US PIRG’s 2008 Campus Credit Card Trap report said that they have paid a late fee, and 15 percent have paid an “over the limit” fee. (Source: U.S. PIRG, “Campus Credit Card Trap”)

* When finances are tight, 59 percent of people would pay their credit card bills last. A majority — 52 percent — would pay the mortgage first and 38 percent say they would pay for utilities before paying other obligations. (Source: survey, December 2008)

* The ratio of credit card borrowers delinquent on one or more of their credit cards is 1.19 percent. (Source: TransUnion, June 2008)

* Delinquency was highest in Nevada (1.74 percent), followed closely by Mississippi (1.53 percent) and Florida (1.51 percent). The lowest credit card loan delinquency rates were found in North Dakota (0.67 percent), Utah (0.75 percent) and South Dakota (0.79 percent). (Source: TransUnion, June 2008)

* On average, today’s consumers are paying their bills on time, with less than half of all consumers have ever been reported as 30 or more days late on a payment. Only three out of 10 have ever been 60 or more days overdue on any credit obligation. Seventy-seven percent of all consumers have never had a loan or account that was 90+ days overdue, and fewer than 20 percent have ever had a loan or account closed by the lender due to default . (Source:

* The average late fee was found to have dropped to $25.90, down from $28 in 2007. Consumer Action reported that late fees reached up to $39 per incident. (Source: Consumer Action credit card survey, July 2008)

Bankruptcy Leads

Due to the state of the economy and job loss thousands of Americans are searching online daily for bankruptcy attorneys. We own several high converting websites that capture the information and passes it to you in real time. We also offer a unique Chat function that will allow you to set up a consultation with the online user instantly. There is not shortage of bankruptcy leads. The key is finding a bankruptcy lead provider that understands your needs, is dedicated to your success and provides an ethical marketing program.

We are dedicated to a long term relationship with our clients. Providing you with quality bankruptcy leads is just the beginning of that relationship. Our ability to grow your online presence through branding, search engine optimization and content development is what sets us apart.

We are your full scale legal marketing experts. There is no reason to look anywhere else for your online marketing needs. Call us now 1-866-610-8422.

Other Legal Leads we Provide

Hundreds of real time applications filter through our online network daily. We generate Internet leads via search, email and contextual ads. Every aspect of our marketing process is 100% in house. This allows us to stand behind quality and guarantee each lead to be workable. We focus on exclusive lead buyers but will discuss semi exclusive lead opportunities.

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